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Our niche in the Natural Health Food Industry is service. When service is a priority, strong relationships materialize. This builds trust, confidence and friendships between the stores and the sales force at Focus Marketing.

We know the importance of personal contact with each account. Due to the ongoing turn around of employees and the ever-increasing knowledge of consumers, service and education is a must. Consistent visits and ongoing training sessions have proven to be an asset. Because of our philosophy of personal attention to our accounts, we feel the need to employ several associates throughout our territory.

Focus Marketing recognizes the great influx of new products to the Health Food Industry. Many are created due to the latest fad. We are not interested in companies that produce products that sell when first introduced but because of a lack of quality there is a loss of interest. We desire to represent companies that have a reputation for quality and stress the importance of service and education.

We have no desire to represent the most lines in the Southeast. We have learned over the years that it is not the quantity of companies that bring success. It's the amount of quality time spent and with a few companies that we believe in, that bring increased sales and success. To increase sales, a good representative must "Focus", hence the name "Focus Marketing".

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